Be the best version of you.

Empowering clients to become the best version of themselves through lifestyle education, personalized training, and genuine connections.

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Welcome to The Fitness Company!

The Fitness Company emphasizes the relationship and trust between trainer and client in obtaining individual health and fitness goals.

We Offer:

  • Semi-Private Personal Training

  • Wellness Education and Support

  • Goal Setting and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Program Design

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Flexible scheduling, no contracts or sign-up fees, and a client-centric environment






What are the biggest obstacles or fears that you had to overcome? What keeps you coming back to FitCo?

In college, I was an athlete, so I was used to intense training...I’m challenged in each session and feel like I’ve gotten a lot back that I lost immediately after college.

The people are great! The trainers take the time to know everyone, so you feel like you’re hanging out with friends rather than just being directed in your workout. It’s also nice to work with someone who knows you and adjusts your training depending on how your body’s reacting on a particular day. Some days you’ll go in ready for an intense session and other days you need more rest. It’s personalized in every way.



Why did you decide to start with Fitco and what keeps you coming back?

On a recommendation from a friend and running coach. She was impressed with FitCo’s approach to functional movement and improving core strength as it related to some nagging pains I’d been having while training for a marathon.

The results.  I turned 40 recently and know that I am in better shape than I was during my 20’s.  Those backaches are gone and my weight fluctuations have greatly decreased.  I want to keep my body functioning well for decades to come and I believe this type of training will help.



What keeps you coming back to Fitco?

The reason I decided to start with Fitco was because I felt comfortable, accepted and not judged.  As I shared my goals with my trainer, I was listened to and encouraged by him.

I was scared to join because of the fear of the"gym" environment.  I didn't want to be just a number swiping my card and going to a place where I didn't feel comfortable and had no idea where to start.  It's not that way at all at Fitco. I enjoy the personal training at FitCo so much.  I know I can trust them and I won't injure myself in the process.