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Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Masters of Health Education with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology and Public Health from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Jeff has gained over 10 years of training experience and holds numerous national certifications. He believes in the notion that lasting results are mostly psychological. The best training is achieved not only from physical progress but increases in mental well-being as well. He believes clients must have fun or they won't be come back.

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Jen Miller has been a lifelong athlete. With over 15 years of experience and numerous national certifications, including being an orthopedic exercise specialist, she is a firm believer in the power of good movement. Having gone through two shoulder surgeries and struggling with low back pain for years after being a diver for Mizzou, she knows firsthand the incredible healing power of restoring proper movement. She knows that when you move better you feel better. Jen is the mother of 4 children and understands the struggles that come with trying to balance a family, a job and keeping up with your health and fitness. She believes that personal growth combined with physical transformation is the key to long-lasting results. Her priorities lie with her faith, family and friends. When she isn't working she can often be found outdoors, hiking, biking or just hanging out on the water.

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Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in health and nutrition. Being the oldest member on staff, Scott holds the record for the most experience with a whopping 20 years under his belt. Scott has had plenty of time to earn numerous national certifications, and truly believes that he was put on this earth to help others. When he's not helping others in the gym, Scott is most likely hanging out with his friends and family, or hunting and fishing to feed his friends and family; Or even doing both at the same time!

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Soya is a Certified Personal Trainer through numerous national certifications. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Information Technology with a minor in Mathematics from University of Missouri-Columbia. Soya has experience in functional movement, weight loss, power lifting, strength and conditioning and general fitness. With a little over 5 years of experience, Soya really enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and living a healthy lifestyle. When Soya isn't training he's listening to health and fitness podcasts or spending his time at the race track.

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Tristan has a Bachelor of Science in Parks, Recreation and Tourism with an emphasis in Sports Management along with a minor in Business from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is also pursuing his Masters Degree in Positive Coaching and Counseling Psychology. Tristan has been personal training for four years and currently holds numerous national certifications. He believes that a sound mind leads to a sound body. The phrase, "Get your mind right and your body will follow" is a staple of his philosophy. Tristan also believes that there has to be an aspect of fun in the workout setting to optimize results and ensure client happiness.